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The Boabom Arts


Boabom (‘bōə-’βom[ipa]/བཧོ་ཨ་བཧོམ་[tib.]) is an Art of physical and mental development, a technique of self-healing through Movement, Relaxation, Meditation, and Self-Defense. The Arts of Boabom converge in a path towards self-awareness and equilibrium, helping the student to attain an optimal state of health, energy, and vitality.

The root of Boabom is ancient Tibet. If you want to know more information about the history of this Art and the International Boabom  Council click here: Boabom Council.

The objective of the Boabom Schools is to teach the different Boabom Arts and their various branches:

  • Gentle Boabom: Seamm-Jasani (Active Relaxation)
  • Osseous Boabom: Art of Self-Defense
  • Boabom with Implements: Yaanbao (The use of various staffs)

You can develop each one of this system an independent way.

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Seamm-Jasani is an Art of active relaxation that is characterized by the use of slow and smooth coordinations in union with different breath techniques (or breath expansion: pranayama [sans.]). It also works the active and passive meditation as systems of physical and mental revitalization, obtaining great achievements for the health. Its movements are graceful, simple and expressive.


  • • “I have worked as a medical doctor in Norway for thirty years and have always looked for simple ways to help people integrate body and mind and prevent illness.  In discovering the Seamm-jasani exercises, I have found the perfect tool, and the use of the exercises presented in this book is spreading by word of mouth in Norway. I can testify that these unassuming exercises truly are life-changing!” – Dr. Audun Myskja, Norway
  • • American Dream Book of the Month: “Seamm-Jasani, an ancient Tibetan movement system, teaches us how to look and feel younger than our biological age, to increase health and decrease illness, and to find inner peace, calm, and relaxation.” – Mon-talk © with Ingrid Lemme, USA
  • •”Tibetan traditional arts are special and unique, and totally for the benefit of all human beings by all means, so these 58 movements of Seamm-Jasani is a big part of them, especially for the benefit and achievements for our body and mind.” – Thupten Norbu (Ph.D. in Buddhist and writer, Lhasa, Tibet.)


    Osseous Boabom is a defense Art that studies and developes the shrewdness of the movements, the dexterity, the self-control, the breathing (and the sound) as ways of developing the physical and psychic energy. Boabom can be described as a dance casted in a fast, precise and extraordinary defense system, that form “waves” of energy.
    As much as it has been said, in its form of aplication as defense (because there is no contact between the students), or in its final goal (the mind balance), Boabom is distinguished strongly from what is known as martial arts. Because of this, Boabom is also known as: “The Non-Defense Art”.


    • • “As a physician, I know people need to breathe and move in healthy ways to maximize their functions.  How wonderful to find a well developed and time tested system of movements that create this health, a sense of joy, and the ability to protect oneself while the student is actually relaxing throughout the class!.” - L. Wolfe (MD, Pediatric Hematology / Oncology, USA)
    • • “I lack words when it comes to describing such an impressive thing as Boabom: so much can be said about it, yet there is not one single way to define it, for it combines many different factors which, when united, allow a person to reach an amazing level of fulfillment in their life.” - Saulo Díaz  (MD, UFRJ, Brazil)
    • • “I realized that this effect had been consciously created by the Boabom system. Boabom, undergirded by the physical and spiritual preparation of the Seamm-Jasani preliminaries, is a coded, non-obvious work of ancient genius. You could say it is a form of ancient secret ‘technology’ – a fantastically sophisticated technology of safe access to the very highest voltages of the universal energies.” – Scott Meredith (PhD Theoretical and Computational Linguistics, USA)


    Yaanbao is a branch of Boabom, an Art of exercise and defense that develops its movements through different elements,which take shapes such as: medium, long and short staffs, swords, etc. Each element is studied in cycles, which allows the student to master them in order of complexity. Yaanbao also prepares the student with bare hands to face and balance her or his defense against another student using various elements.